EndoInSight Product Overview

EndoInSight provides a low-cost, disposable CO2 gas source that reduces patient pain and increases throughput at colonoscopy procedure centers.

Colorectal cancer causes over 50,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Over half of the patients that died were not up to date with physician recommended colonoscopy screenings. Non-compliant patients cite pain as a major deterrent to getting a colonoscopy, suggesting a pressing need for low-cost methods that reduce procedural discomfort. During a typical colonoscopy, a physician inflates the colon using either ambient room air or CO2 gas. Residual gas left in the patient’s bowel can cause pain and discomfort following the procedure.

The use of CO2 gas to inflate the colon is advantageous because it is absorbed into the body 150 times faster than ambient room-air, reducing pain caused by residual gas. Even with the well-documented benefits of CO2 insufflation, adoption has been slow due to the need for costly equipment that is difficult to maintain.

EndoInSight takes an entirely new approach, providing a CO2 gas source for the use in colorectal screening through an effervescent reaction, which is both low-cost and easier to use than existing systems.

With its novel, disposable CO2 gas source, EndoInSight aims to increase adoption of CO2 insufflation in colonoscopy screenings by lowering costs and reducing hassles for physicians, thereby reducing patients' pain and their reluctance to have a regular colonoscopy screening and saving lives.

Please contact us if you are a clinician interested in helping validate our CO2 insufflator technology.