EndoInSight CO2 Insufflation System

Product Overview Video:

EndoInSight was founded to help reduce the terrible toll Colorectal Cancer (CRC) takes on society by providing clinicians with a cost-effective method for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with colonoscopy-based CRC screening.

While inflating the colon is necessary to enhance visibility during colonoscopy, trapped air can leave patients feeling bloated and uncomfortable for hours following their procedure. It has long been known that using CO2 to inflate the colon can dramatically reduce post-procedural pain and discomfort yet adoption of the technique has been slow due to a lack of awareness concerning the benefits of CO2 and the capital expenditure related with current CO2 insufflation systems.

By providing clinicians with access to a low-cost and disposable CO2 insufflation system that compliments clinical workflows, EndoInSight seeks to save lives by enabling widespread adoption of less-painful colonoscopy.